Babili leather contracted to settle in the Blue Mountain Leather Eco-Smart Industrial Park


Recently, Lanshan County held a signing ceremony for the leather and leather ecological wisdom industrial park, and signed a contract with 20 companies including Pippi Group, Qingkong Science & Technology Group, Industrial Park Operation Company, Babili Leather Goods and Aowangda Leather Co., Ltd. “China's leather goods innovation capital” and “China Leather and Leather Industry Transfer Demonstration Base”

At the signing ceremony, Zhang Zhongping, President of Lanshan Jingtou Commercial Management Co., Ltd., Chairman of Guangzhou Huadu Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Aowangda Leather Co., Ltd., Xiang Jiyong, respectively introduced the leather leather ecological wisdom industrial park project and the enterprises entering the park. The representative signed a speech. Subsequently, Lanshan County and the United States Pilian, Ba Bili leather goods, Austrian Wangda leather goods and other 20 companies, "Blue Mountain leather leather ecological wisdom industrial park cooperation and construction of the contract", "Blue Mountain leather and leather industry industrial transformation and upgrading The Development Fund Cooperation and the “Blue Mountain Leather and Leather Eco-Smart Industrial Park Tripartite Investment Agreement” were signed in a centralized manner.

It is understood that the blue mountain leather  eco-intelligence industrial park project plans to use 2,400 acres of land, and it is expected to attract more than 400 upstream and downstream enterprises of leather goods and bags to settle in, achieving an annual total output value of more than 20 billion yuan, and fully creating Blue Mountain as "China's leather goods innovation. "The capital", "China leather and leather industry transfer demonstration base."

 In recent years, relying on unique location advantages, convenient traffic conditions, and excellent investment environment, Lanshan County actively and actively docks coastal industries in accordance with the requirements of industrial transfer in Xiangnan Xiangxi, and regards the leather goods industry as the leading industry in the county, using commissioned investment and The fund investment model, the power of the county to quickly promote the development of the leather goods industry, and strive to create a "innovative open bridgehead, the industry to accept the preferred place, the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao's back garden, ecological civilization demonstration zone, live in happiness and happiness". The current Blue Mountain is showing a scene of political harmony and prosperity, and it has never been more vibrant and energetic. Blue Mountain will make everyone invest in the industry with peace of mind, peace of mind and comfort with a more open attitude, a better environment and better service. The county magistrate also hopes to sign the contractor's rapid construction, high-speed construction, and rapid production, and drive more strategic investors to land in the Blue Mountains, build the Blue Mountains, and develop the Blue Mountains.